Non Communicable Disease Integrated System (NCD-iS)

What is NCD-iS ?

NCD-iS is a national health screening data integrated system for Non Communicable Disease  (NCD).

NCD-iS enables screening coverage for early detection of NCD among Malaysians for more effective and proactive monitoring and prevention planning with NCD risk factors. This is one of the strategies for upgrading the NCD health screening data collection of MOH and integration with other agencies such as Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) and Social Security Organization (SOCSO).

This project is the first collaboration of smart data sharing between MOH and other agencies. The launching and signing ceremony of the NCD-iS project collaboration between MOH, DOSH and SOCSO was held on Wednesday, 21 March 2018.

The health screening data are obtaining from MOH through Screening Program (KOSPEN Komuniti), Civil Servants Screening Program (KOSPEN Plus), Enhanced Primary Health Care (EnPHC) and screening program conducted by other agencies such as SOCSO for private contributors and DOSH through annual screening of workers.

The main focus of NCD-iS is to establish a National Health Screening Data System for NCDs that includes the data of all communities, private and public sector employees without duplication of data. Hence, accurate information on the risk factors for Malaysian NCDs able to achieve. These integrated data is very important for MOH to know the true percentage of people with NCDs in order to provide treatment and better preventive planning to reduce the burden of NCD to the nation.