Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW)

"A trusted source of truth of comprehensive healthcare data structured for query and analysis purposes"


MyHDW as a dedicated system is optimized for analysis and reporting with data that is integrated, interoperable and comprehensive. It is built based on national health informatics standards that employ overarching health care system governance. All Information is available in 'right time' on the notion of 'build once use many' with the objective of reducing the burden of data collection and processing. This implies where possible aligning primary and secondary usage consideration with the capability to support many reporting and analysis tools and interfaces. Data Quality is of the highest level and supported through appropriate methods, tools and techniques by implementing secure and privacy sensitive access. Evolution is aligned and prioritized in accordance with key programs, initiates and information needs by supporting the development and sustainment of MyHDW through the creation of centres of excellence of skilled internal resources and through best practices and learning’s from international experiences.